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Name:Small Fandoms
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Community description:Small Fandoms - Share the Love!
Pimp it. Pimp it good.
WELCOME to [community profile] small_fandoms, home of the hopelessly and tragically obscure! Can't find any friends in your fandom? Can't find any fic to read, or want to share your own? Or maybe you just want to recruit new fans? Well, that's what this comm is for! Any type of fiction is open for posting here, be it books, anime or manga, western comics, TV, story-centric video games - it's all good!

THIS comm works a little differently than most - the comments are where all the action happens. You find the fandom you're looking for in the tag list - or, if you don't find it there, post it using the format shown to the right - and then you use the comments to post about anything regarding the series. Tell us why we MUST experience your fandom! Tell us about your favorite ships! Tell us about anything! And then - TELL EVERYONE ELSE.

Pimp your fandom's post like there's no tomorrow! That way, you'll be helping your fandom friends connect with other fans, and you'll convince others of why they should join your fandom, too. And that's what we're all here for, right?


FIRST , check the tag list! If your fandom has been posted in the last three months, then go there to talk about your fandom. If it has not been posted, or it has been more than three months since the last time it was posted, you may make a new post for your fandom.

Please put the name of your fandom in the subject line, and use the following format when posting, for ease of categorization:

Title: (Title of series goes here; please try to list all titles commonly associated with the work.)
Medium: (e.g., anime/manga, western comic, TV series, J-drama, book, video game, etc. Please, be as specific as possible!)
Description: (Write a brief description here - feel free to cut and paste an official blurb, or that sort of thing.)
Image: (Optional. Post a representative image - a screencap, a DVD or book cover, or something like that. Please keep images 400px wide or smaller.)

For your convenience, just copy and paste the following into your post:

AFTER your post has been approved, talk about whatever you like in the comments, provided it has to do with your fandom. Some ideas:

You could post helpful information on where interested parties can find media related to your fandom;
You could convince the rest of us of why we should experience your fandom;
You could post fanfic or fanart recs (or challenges, for that matter);
You could start discussion about plot, characters, ships, etc.;
Or you could start a friending thread for those wanting more LJ friends in the fandom.

And then be sure to PIMP YOUR POST OUT TO YOUR FRIENDS. This part is important if you want your fandom to grow! :D

DON'T be a jerk. Polite disagreements and debate are just fine, but no name-calling or other deliberately anti-social behavior.

CHECK the tags before you post. If your fandom has already been posted within the last three months, your post will not be approved. If this happens, don't sweat it! Does your fandom have more than one title (e.g., Kuroshitsuji, aka Black Butler?) Make sure you've checked for all possible listings of your fandom, and then if you think we've made a mistake, let us know!

USE the posting format. This way, people can see fandoms and get an idea of what they're about at a glance. Then you can post whatever you like in the comments!

ONLY post fandoms which are actually fairly small. We're not going to be very strict about this - if a fandom itself is reasonably sized but has little fandom activity, then you're free to post it here. But please, at least do an LJ interest search first and see what kind of fandom activity already exists for your fandom.

DON'T post large pictures or pictures with adult content directly in the comments. Link to them instead (and if they are of an adult nature, please give an appropriate warning!)

USE spoiler tags when discussing spoilers. You don't have to spoiler-tag for every little plot point, but use your common sense - if you're talking about a serious plot development such as a character death, use spoiler tags. Here are some spoiler tags to copy and paste, if you don't know how to write them:


QUESTIONS , problems, or suggestions should be addressed to:

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