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This here's a friending meme, y'all

small fandoms
friending meme

The basic format for this meme is pretty much stolen directly from [ profile] isaac's friending meme from way back when and uh hopefully she doesn't mind me using it, so credit for the idea goes to her!


1) Check to see if your small fandom is listed in the comments
2) If so, reply to that comment with your answers from the text area (or just reply, if you're a lazy jerkface); feel free to leave blank any section you don't feel like answering
3) If your fandom is not already in the comments, then make a NEW comment to the MAIN entry, with the title of your small fandom in the SUBJECT LINE
4) Leave this new comment blank (or put a stupid image or something there, if you want)
5) Reply to this new comment with your answers from the textarea
6) No wank, plskthx
7) Non-wanky ridiculosity greatly encouraged (ridiculous images and youtubes, y'all)

copy and paste this!

pimp it!

inkstone: Alex Benedetto from the @Bunch issue containing Chapter 42 (flying kick)

Re: Perfect Girl Evolution

[personal profile] inkstone 2009-07-20 11:47 pm (UTC)(link)
►hay thar QT!
- name?: V
- age?: old woman

- characters? Sunako! And Kyohei. And Noi.
- ships? Sunako/Kyohei forever.
- any hated characters? Not really. I'm not fond of Ranmaru but everyone's okay.
- why do you love this fandom? It takes various shoujo tropes that annoy me and turns them on their head. Sunako is such a unique shoujo heroine -- the antithesis, really -- with her horror-loving self! Also, it is JUST PLAIN SILLY.

►so tell us about yourself, bb!
I'm tired of copy and pasting! (Yeah, I'm seriously lazy.) See my responses in other comments. :D