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Re: Swordspoint series by Ellen Kushner

►hay thar QT!
- name?: Laurie
- age?: Dirty old lady/strap-on/the universe

- characters? KATHERINE omfg. I also adore Alec.
- ships? KATHERINE/ARTEMISIA, and also Richard/Alec.
- any hated characters? Other than Sleezy McSleezeball, the villain whose name I can never remember because I just think of him as Sleezy McSleezeball? Nope!
- why do you love this fandom? CROSSDRESSING LADY WITH SWORD FULL STOP. Okay not full stop because oh my god there is so much to love, such as the books being the very embodiment of gay in frills and a frock coat, but KATHERINE♥. (I am sure you would NEVER GUESS, but my favorite of the books is Privilege of the Sword, ahaha. IT'S LIKE AN ANTI-DEPRESSANT IN PROSE FORM.)

►so tell us about yourself, bb! copypastaaaaa
- other fandoms?: anime/manga - Pandora Hearts, Mononoke, Kuroshitsuji, Claymore, Soul Eater, Vassalord, Skip Beat, Zombie Loan, too many others to remember. books - The Etched City, The Orphan's Tales
- other interests?: Did I mention the incense slash
- contents of your journal?: Mostly me flailing like a retarded thing over whatever I'm watching/reading atm, though there's also some fic, incense reviews, and occasional rambling about my life.

►free space!

Japanese edition cover, o god Katherine please just do me.

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