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Friending Meme Time Again!

Pretty much snagged straight from last time, now that DW has had a major population increase. ^^;; Actual community will be up and running soon. No LJ mirror for the meme at present because lol subject lines.

small fandoms
friending meme

1) Check to see if your small fandom is listed in the comments
2) If so, reply to that comment with your answers from the text area (or just reply, if you're a lazy mclazypants); feel free to leave blank any section you don't feel like answering
3) If your fandom is not already in the comments, then make a NEW comment to the MAIN entry, with the title of your small fandom in the SUBJECT LINE
4) Leave this new comment blank (or put a related image or something there, if you want)
5) Reply to this new comment with your answers from the textarea
6) No wank, plskthx

copy and paste this!

pimp it!

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Re: The Twelve Kingdoms/Juuni Kokki

[personal profile] vickyblueeyez 2012-04-30 05:32 pm (UTC)(link)
- name?: vickyblueeyez on LJ, DW and Tumblr
- age?: 28

- characters? Rakushun, Shoryu, Youko, Taiki, Shoukei
- ships? Youko/Keiki, Shoryu/Enki
- any disliked characters? Nope
- why do you love this fandom? I love the artwork and fanfics.

►so tell us about yourself!
- other fandoms?: star trek xi, heroes, harry potter, supernatural, sherlock holmes, sailor moon, highlander, xena, hercules, marvel, dc, comics, avatar the last airbender
- other interests?: photography, reading, writing, archery, video games
- contents of your journal?: Day to day boring stuff. I'm more fun on tumblr - http://vickyblueeyez.tumblr.com

►free space!
[hilarious image or otherwise convincing piece of something goes here]