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Friending Meme Time Again!

Pretty much snagged straight from last time, now that DW has had a major population increase. ^^;; Actual community will be up and running soon. No LJ mirror for the meme at present because lol subject lines.

small fandoms
friending meme

1) Check to see if your small fandom is listed in the comments
2) If so, reply to that comment with your answers from the text area (or just reply, if you're a lazy mclazypants); feel free to leave blank any section you don't feel like answering
3) If your fandom is not already in the comments, then make a NEW comment to the MAIN entry, with the title of your small fandom in the SUBJECT LINE
4) Leave this new comment blank (or put a related image or something there, if you want)
5) Reply to this new comment with your answers from the textarea
6) No wank, plskthx

copy and paste this!

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mikogalatea: Matsuka from Toward the Terra, touching a hand to his bruised cheek. ([Terra] Matsuka; hurt)

Toward the Terra

[personal profile] mikogalatea 2012-02-16 11:24 am (UTC)(link)
mikogalatea: Tony from Toward the Terra, calmly embracing a sad Artella. ([Terra] Tony/Artella)

[personal profile] mikogalatea 2012-02-16 09:57 pm (UTC)(link)
- name?: Gala
- age?: 25

- characters? Matsuka, first and foremost, but I also really liked how the anime series portrayed Shiroe.
- ships? Keith/Matsuka, Tony/Artella, and a bit of Keith/Shiroe.
- any disliked characters? Nobody's coming to mind...
- why do you love this fandom? Tearjerking oldschool scifi, with the anime being a fantastic modern adaptation of what was already a very good manga.

►so tell us about yourself!
- other fandoms?: See here.
- other interests?: Reading, writing, pets, plushies, cute nightwear, and listening to music (mainly symphonic metal).
- contents of your journal?: My DW's a little on the empty side at the moment, but if it's going to be anything like my ol' LJ, it'll mainly have fandom babbling mixed with the occasional whine about British weather, plus any other random thing I feel like writing about. I rarely make posts about RL, and when I do, they're nearly always flocked.

►free space!
I can never come up with anything for free spaces...
aflyingteapot: (fishy)

Re: Toward the Terra

[personal profile] aflyingteapot 2012-05-03 10:13 am (UTC)(link)
- name?: Teap
- age?: 26

- characters? KEITH, Tony
- ships? Keith/Matsuka, anything that is not Blue/Jomy/Blue LOL
- any disliked characters? hnnnn not really?
- why do you love this fandom? So CLASSIC and EPIC and also Nobuteru Yuki asdfghjkl

►so tell us about yourself!
- other fandoms?: mainly Ookiku Furikabutte, Tiger&Bunny, Vinland Saga, One Piece. Now very engrossed in Sakamichi no Apollon LOL
- other interests?: translating stuff
- contents of your journal?: mostly fanspaz.

►free space!